Boxing Day Hike on Micou's Island

My Boxing day hike with the kids at Micou's Island, St.Margaret's Bay Nova Scotia.

Micou's Island,  St. Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia.

My little ones love this place, they get such a kick out of crossing the sandbar to explore the island.

Crossing the sandbar to the Micou's Island

It may not be a long hike but it has everything in one place; forest, beaches, hiking trails and of course lots of salt water.

This is what I call a kitchen with a view.  :)

There is lots to see and explore on the island and of course time to stop for the kids favourite winter hiking lunch time snack;  KD & hot chocolate. 

My little one loves to pose for the camera. 

My little one loves to pose for the camera. 

To find out more about Micou's Island visit the St. Margaret's Bay Stewardship Association website.

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Cheers and keep making photos :)