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Camera 301: Manual Mode

In our Camera 301: Manual Mode class the emphasis is on shedding light on the creative potential of your camera's most flexible exposure mode. We'll explore some practical scenarios for taking complete control of your camera's exposure engine, and we'll discuss when and why you should go fully manual, and when you shouldn't. This class focuses on helping you learn how to capture that "impossible" shot, and you'll discover that your camera's manual mode shouldn't be intimidating: it's the gateway to creating images more incredible than you ever thought possible.

You'll learn how manual mode can make it possible to capture the stars of the milky way, turn fireworks into dazzling explosions of colour, or a highway into an abstract pattern of light and movement. You'll also see how manual mode can make it much easier to capture consistent results in challenging lighting conditions such as indoor arenas or stage lighting.

DSLR 201 or equivalent knowledge

Who Should Attend?
Owners of any camera with an "M" mode who wish to take full creative control of their images.

To attend this course you should be confident with the basics of exposure, including Shutter Priority and Aperture Priority.

What To Bring To Class:
- Your camera
- Charged battery (fully charge it before class) 
- Memory card