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Camera 101: Point & Shoot

We have two different 101 classes for Point & Shoot cameras: "Camera 101: Point & Shoot" and "Camera 101: Advanced Compact and Mirrorless". What's the difference? "Advanced Compact and Mirrorless" is for cameras that have advanced features like semi-automatic modes (Tv/S & A/Av), "Point & Shoot" is for cameras that do not have these advanced modes. If you're not sure which camera you have, ask a Henry's sales associate.

This class is all about learning how to use and understand the core controls of your camera, and how to overcome everyday problems such as pictures turning out too dark or or too blurry. We'll discuss the built-in flash, using your camera's zoom control and how to set your camera up to capture the best pictures possible. This class is full of hands-on exercises designed to help you feel more confident and familiar with your camera. After completing this class, you will know how to get the most out of your camera for everyday photography.



Course Outline:

- Basic camera and menu operation
- Overview of Scene Modes
- Controlling Focus Modes and Areas
- How ISO can be helpful in challenging situations
- Changing your picture's brightness
- When and how to use your camera's flash

Who Should Attend?

Owners of Point & Shoot cameras with Auto and P modes looking to get more comfortable with their camera and learn the tools and techniques to get better images.

What To Bring To Class:

- Your camera
- Charged battery
- Memory card

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Later Event: November 26
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