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Camera 201: Creative Camera Control

In our Camera 201: Creative Camera Control course the emphasis is on understanding the vital roles that Shutter Speed and Aperture play in the photographic process. We'll explore how you can use Shutter Speed to either convey motion using blur effects or to freeze action completely. You'll also learn how to make use of your camera's Aperture control to soften backgrounds while maintaining sharp focus on your main subject to create striking subject/background separation. We'll also explore Exposure, Metering Modes and Exposure Lock to provide you greater creative control over the end result. 

During the session you'll engage in hands-on activities with the guidance of the instructor using your own camera.

Camera 101 or equivalent

Course Outline:
- Creating and controlling motion effects
- Controlling depth of field for either soft or sharp backgrounds
- Understanding the light balancing act between shutter speed and aperture
- Understanding when Auto ISO can help and when overriding it can provide better results
- Using metering modes to handle tricky light
- Locking exposure while using your spot meter for more interesting results.

Who Should Attend?
Owners of DSLRs, mirrorless, or advanced point and shoot(bridge) cameras who wish to take creative control of their images by using Aperture & Shutter Priority modes.

To attend this course you should be familiar with changing focus modes and focus areas, using exposure compensation, changing ISO settings, and taking control over the built-in flash.

What To Bring To Class:
- Your camera
- Fully charged battery
- Memory card

Earlier Event: November 26
Camera 101: Nikon DSLRs