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Adobe Lightroom: Fixing Photos

In our Fixing Photos in Lightroom course we will focus on Lightroom's image editing tools. We'll perform basic edits that affect a photo's overall colour and tonality then move on to more advanced tools & techniques to get the most out of your photos by processing them in Lightroom. We will explore Lightroom's spot and local area adjustment brushes and how to send your image into Photoshop (or other external editor) if further adjustments are needed. We will also look at some of the options involved in printing, exporting and formatting your images so you get the results you expect.

Basic Computer Skills, Photography Concepts & Terminology Knowledge. Managing Photos - Lightroom is recommended but not mandatory.

Course Outline:
- Understanding how edits work in Lightroom
- The Library Modules, Quick Develop Panel
- Develop Module Interface tour & configuration
- Basic Panel: Making basic, overall colour & tonality adjustments
- Understanding Undo, the History and Snapshot Panels
- Applying the same adjustments across multiple images
- Advanced colour & tonal control: Tone Curves, highlight Recovery, HSL & Colour
- Sharpness, Cropping and Virtual Copies
- Spot Removal Tool, Synchronizing Spot Removal circles
- Adjustment Brush tool
- Creating and applying adjustment Presets
- Gradient Filter Tool
- B&W images
- Configuring and using Photoshop as an optional external editor
- Understanding the Exporting of images and the available setting